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Wow! What an amazing journey we have started! It is wonderful to see what was once a dream and passion for small business and community become an actual business venture! I could not be happier than I am tonight as i sit here after a long day of work, with my new business partner, my awesome hubby! We want to say thank you first of all to our friends and family who believed in us and this dream over the last few months as well as all of our small business friends who trust us and realize our goals! Small business and community are more than a passion, for me it’s all I have ever known! I have chill bumps just thinking of all the ways we can come together and really have an impact on the greater Marion County area. As we begin to see the first edition of the BAT come together this week and put the final touches on the pages, amazing ads and beneficial articles, we hope you can get as excited as we are for the first week of April when the BAT hits the stands!