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It’s the middle of the month and the pressure of my 2 week turnaround time allowance for my publication to be completely ready for release to the public by April 1st has me on pins and needles. However, the pressure from the amount of work created by this mid-month deadline of all PRs, articles, advertisements, and listings to be submitted by EOW has fueled a once dilapidated, tired old workhorse into a thoroughbred stallion again. Not to mention, the fulfillment of my passion in the same stride has set my pace and has allowed me to focus on the grand prize…my family, friends, and community.
The deadlines are what create the cycles of lifelines for the many, which remind me of a horse racing around and around the track only to end up having the honor of breathing, running the race, and being worn out. Being that I am now renewed, rejuvenated, and rested up, I will now run the new race…the race to slow down and enjoy life. This blog has been spawned by the generation of innovative thoughts and motivated by the idea of having connectedness, unity, and a sense of belonging….to be continued.