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Watching TV is therapeutic

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I know this isn’t really “business related”, but I am so excited that Being Human is airing again on the ScyFy network. Vampires and Werewolves and Ghosts, oh my!!!


If you are a small business owner, operator, blogger or just interested in small business, we would like to feature an article in our 5,000 copy publication called “The BAT”. Please contact me on any of our social media sites or email With “Blogger” as your subject header.

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The BAT is a full-color paperback publication distributed to the greater Marion County, TN area, with Jackson County, AL included as well. We are focused on bringing the viewers’ attention towards new trends in small business, community events, and locally- focused philanthropies. We are currently planning on adding more viewing categories and will be featuring an Outdoors Sportsman section in our upcoming May edition. This is just our first run of the gamut and we have been receiving great feedback and reviews so far. Our advertisers are local, small business owners who are trying to spread the news about their products and services and we stand behind them. Many of them are offering great discounts to earn your business. These advertisers depend on their communities and local economies to help keep their visions vital, and we would like to invite you to help play a part in that. This publication is a live entity and will grow and shape as our viewers respond and provide realistic feedback. Our eyes and ears are open like a BAT’s and we plan on always bringing you the latest and greatest Buzz Around Town. Visit our website at

It’s the middle of the month and the pressure of my 2 week turnaround time allowance for my publication to be completely ready for release to the public by April 1st has me on pins and needles. However, the pressure from the amount of work created by this mid-month deadline of all PRs, articles, advertisements, and listings to be submitted by EOW has fueled a once dilapidated, tired old workhorse into a thoroughbred stallion again. Not to mention, the fulfillment of my passion in the same stride has set my pace and has allowed me to focus on the grand prize…my family, friends, and community.
The deadlines are what create the cycles of lifelines for the many, which remind me of a horse racing around and around the track only to end up having the honor of breathing, running the race, and being worn out. Being that I am now renewed, rejuvenated, and rested up, I will now run the new race…the race to slow down and enjoy life. This blog has been spawned by the generation of innovative thoughts and motivated by the idea of having connectedness, unity, and a sense of belonging….to be continued.

Wow! What an amazing journey we have started! It is wonderful to see what was once a dream and passion for small business and community become an actual business venture! I could not be happier than I am tonight as i sit here after a long day of work, with my new business partner, my awesome hubby! We want to say thank you first of all to our friends and family who believed in us and this dream over the last few months as well as all of our small business friends who trust us and realize our goals! Small business and community are more than a passion, for me it’s all I have ever known! I have chill bumps just thinking of all the ways we can come together and really have an impact on the greater Marion County area. As we begin to see the first edition of the BAT come together this week and put the final touches on the pages, amazing ads and beneficial articles, we hope you can get as excited as we are for the first week of April when the BAT hits the stands!

New Bat Logo

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I’m trying to get into “blog mode” and figure out what I should start to blog about with my new small business.